Turn Your Employees into a High-Performance Team (HPT) Using Decades of Proven Best Practices

We offer comprehensive training packages in management and leadership, and the systems that make these best practices stick and improve the culture of any business.  Improving your company's internal systems and infrastructure and processes is called Organizational Development. Management Development is the training of those managers in best practices. When both are done well you can create a world-class company that will, over time, become a leader in its market.

They are supported by coaching and custom design for each client because training alone rarely, if ever, changes a culture for the better.  It is necessary to implement these systems one-by-one in a company over time to get the real benefit. Each System takes from six to twelve weeks to implement on average in a smaller company (< 100 employees) and more in larger companies. However, you begin to see the impact very quickly.  

Currently we have over 350 on-demand videos and we are adding to this Video Training Library (VTL) all the time.  In 2020 we added over 160 videos when we recorded The CEO & Entrepreneur Boot Camp in studio.  We will also recommend and provide other training programs in any engagement and provide resources and specific recommendations for each employee for their development. This build loyalty and value to keep employees engaged, productive and happy long-term.

We combine training with custom development programs for your entire management team to grow into a high-performance culture.  We will create a custom program that is guaranteed to improve the performance of your company in weeks, not years, by using practical and proven systems we have optimized since 1993 in over 100 companies. These programs incorporate over 1,000 proven management and leadership best practices structured into six systems and twenty different certifications that can be obtained.

These programs and videos use the latest in learning science to help any individual improve by offering 24/7 video access and bite size pieces.  Each employee, or just management employees, can get a custom development plan and assignment of training combined with oversight and coaching as appropriate. Our job is turning average employees and managers into world-class employees and managers.  Of course, this takes some time, and more than just training.  Therefore, we offer coaching to help them transition faster and be more successful.  This also builds loyalty to the company and reduced turn-over because these managers are growing and being challenged and will advance in their careers. 

Sample Video Training Segment on Intellectual Property and using IP to build Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA). 



The AirTight Strategic Planning Kit

Create a market winning Strategic Plan using our process, developed over 20 years' experience creating plans. Three phases, twelve tools and hundreds of best practices and supporting files that can help you be a market leader.



The AirTight Six Systems Box in All Management Problems. For Any Business. In Any Industry. 

We sell both products and online video training subscriptions to train employees, managers and senior executives in our Six Systems. These include many hundreds of “Leadership and Management Best Practices” structured within the AirTight Six Systems. 

“Kits” include licenses to use the IP of each System with forms, data files and other tools. For example, the Strategic Planning Kit includes over a dozen tools to take a management team through the Strategic Planning Process with over 100 related files in that toolbox.

Products are a flat fee, one-time charge and purchasers of our “Kits” get a license to use that IP internally in one company based on the number of employees they have for a given period starting at only a few hundred dollars. See our Products page for details.

Subscriptions to our proprietary Video Training Library (VTL) are purchased based on seats, hours and other factors. The full VTL with all four levels of certification is available only directly from AirTight Management and its Authorized Licensees.   For details click here.


Over 300 Studio Produced Videos


Video On-Demand - Live Webinars - On-Site Training and Collaboration

Whatever you like is available. 

Plus, One-on-one and group training and coaching to guarantee success.

We have a total of 20 certifications (see below) with four Levels in each of the Six AirTight Systems from Green Belt to Black Belt.

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